Cultural Program

Thursday Cultural Events

Every Thursday evening during the semester, a variety of high-quality cultural events – concerts, dramatic plays, film and opera, etc. – are performed at the POSTECH Auditorium.

  • As a stage for culture & art created by POSTECH, a variety of genres including various concerts – symphony, ensemble, pop music and dance, Gukak (Korean traditional music), opera, drama, film and cultural lectures are shown every Thursday evening throughout the year.
  • The nation’s top artists and speakers have been invited to the POSTECH Auditorium’s stage. These events have won nation-wide acclaim and have become popular and well-acknowledged as a stage any artist wishes to stand on once in his or her career.
  • As an enjoyable, cultural space for all university members and local citizens, as a stage of creation and presentation for artists, these events direct existing commercial culture into public culture.

POSTECH Orchestra

The POSTECH Orchestra was founded in February 2006 in an effort to cultivate an emotional, artistic outlet for university members who are devoted to their study and research and contribute to the formation of POSTECH’s unique culture that combines science and music.

Centered by the student members of the on-campus classical music club, “HanUlLim,”the POSTECH Orchestra is made up of POSTECH faculty members, staff and researchers. It is led by Professor Dr. Jung Ki Kim in the Division of Humanities & Social Sciences, who as a director and advisor, has offered guidance to “HanUlLim” since its early days at POSTECH.

Department : Student Affairs
Last Modified : 2020-01-30