Ding-Dong! Book Delivery from the Library

2020-09-29 517

[POSTECH’s Tae-Joon Park Digital Library starts door-to-door book delivery service]


POSTECH’s Tae-Joon Park Digital Library starts a service that delivers books borrowed by the students to their homes to accommodate the current situation brought on by COVID-19.

The library made the decision to offer a ‘Book Loan Delivery Service’ for students who cannot physically come to the library in light of all classes being held online. The service was started to help the undergraduate students living far away from campus who have difficulty accessing the library as all fall semester courses are also held remotely.

The students may request more than two books at one time and return the books using designated shipping companies with the collect on delivery (COD) option. For more information on this service, please visit the library website (

“We started the book delivery service to meet the student’s desire for reading and to protect their right of education,” remarked Professor Hee-Kap Ahn, the vice president of Academic Information Affairs at POSTECH. He continued, “We hope that the students will take advantage of this service as it was a bold decision made to curb COVID-19’s effect on student’s reading activities.”

Adapting to the circumstances brought on by COVID-19, the library will change its acquisition policies accordingly to acquire more online books to encourage reading amongst students without having to visit the library.