POSTECH Joins Partnership with MOOC Giant Coursera

2016-01-18 2,276
POSTECH began the New Year with a big step toward innovation by partnering with online education company Coursera to provide Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs).

POSTECH announced its plan to financially support students taking online courses available on MOOC platforms and give various incentives to encourage faculty to apply the Flipped-Learning model in their classrooms. The university has also started offering its high-quality courses to the world by establishing a partnership with Coursera, the leading provider of MOOCs.

POSTECH undergraduate and graduate students are now able to receive a partial reimbursement for the expense they spend to obtain a completion certificate for online courses on MOOC platforms such as Coursera, edX, and K-MOOC. The initiative aims to guide students toward self-motivated, in-depth learning and provide broader opportunities to seek the world’s greatest knowledge in their interested fields anytime anywhere. Starting next semester, students will also be able to transfer their online course credits taken from the SKP Science and Technology MOOC initiative, same as a regular university course. 
Furthermore, not only students but also university administrative staff may complete MOOCs and have lecture hours count towards their professional development training while enjoying the same reimbursement benefit. POSTECH is the first Korean university to support the learning experiences of its members from undergraduate/graduate students to university staff.

The partnership with Coursera also promises that POSTECH will have the opportunity to offer courses taught by POSTECH faculty to Coursera’s 15 million registered users. POSTECH will first offer courses related to ferrous technology, one of its strength areas, with plans to develop more online courses.

“We hope to further enhance the quality of our courses by making them available to the world,” commented President Kim of POSTECH. “As our students will benefit from various MOOCs, our courses offered through the SKP Science & Technology MOOC Initiative and Coursera will inspire interest in science and technology among the wider public and society.”