POSTECH Professor Kimoon Kim Edits a Comprehensive Book on Cucurbiturils

2019-11-26 420

191121_김기문 교수_기사내부
By invitation from the Royal Society of Chemistry, POSTECH professor Kimoon Kim (Director, IBS Center for Self-Assembly and Complexity) has edited the book entitled “Cucurbituril and Related Macrocycles.” This book is part of the “Monographs in Supramolecular Chemistry” series published by the RSC.

As the book’s sole editor, Professor Kim compiled the contributions of both high-profile and rising international scientists in the cucurbiturils field. The book consists of 20 chapters including the four written by Professor Kim and covers the history, development, synthesis, and physiochemical properties of cucurbiturils, as well as their applications in a wide range of fields such as materials, biology, and nanotechnology. It also analyzes the current status of cucurbituril chemistry and explores the outlook and the direction it is moving towards.

쿠커비투릴과 관련된 거대고리 분자들 표지

Professor Kim, an internationally recognized scholar in supramolecular chemistry, has pioneered fundamental research on cucurbiturils and made substantial contributions in their applications in nanotechnology and biotechnology. Cucurbiturils are macrocyclic synthetic host molecules resembling hollow pumpkins that form complex structures based on host-guest interactions with guest molecules. The tunability of such host-guest interactions is key to why cucurbiturils are so applicable in a variety of fields. The name cucurbituril is derived from the Latin word Cucurbitaceae, which means pumpkin.

Professor Kim expressed his excitement about the book and remarked, “This book being part of the ‘Monographs on Supramolecular Chemistry’ showcases the significance and value of cucurbiturils in the field of supramolecular chemistry.” He hopes that this book will serve as an attractive invitation for exceptional scientists to join in expanding the horizons of cucurbituril chemistry.