2019 POSTECH Matriculation Ceremony Speech

2019-02-18 291

To the proud freshmen of POSTECH!

I would like to extend a most sincere welcome to the newest Postechians. I am proud of your tireless efforts in surmounting a difficult admissions process to stride towards a new starting line in your lives. I would also like to express the deepest of congratulations and gratitude to the parents and family who have provided the warmest of support through the ordeal.

Today is made even more special thanks to our very special guest who will join you in becoming the newest Postechians. He is President Mun Young Choi, the president of the University of Missouri System and the recipient of the POSTECH Honorary Doctorate. I am elated to greet President Choi who is currently at the head of the four universities in the System. One can only guess at the sheer amount of determination it took for a nine year old immigrant to reach such heights. I implore you to hold close to your hearts the unwavering challenging spirit of President Choi.

Dear Class of 2019!

Collegiate life that begins today for you will be the most significant period of your journey. It is during this period in which you will expand the necessary skillsets for the future. Your generation will enjoy a longer lifespan never before achieved in history, and thus, you will participate in the labor force for seventy to eighty years after graduating from the University. Consequently, you will likely work in many different occupations. In preparation for the transformative future, you will need to become self-driven leaners. Let me repeat that: self-driven learners.

My dear freshmen!

Challenge yourselves and pursue a wide breadth of experiences. It is my hope that you discover and actualize your dreams as students through diligent studies and broad expanse of experiences. Accordingly, the University has prepared a solid academic curriculum that will not only disseminate elite knowledge but also provide societal experiences.

You are free to select your major and pursue self-driven research. And do not restrict your paths to only the campus. You must broaden your erudition by learning from the great academicians throughout the world through MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) and other offerings. Furthermore, you should embrace the valuable privilege of deepening your empathic relationship with society through the SES (Summer Experience in Society) program during the three month long summer vacation.

Ultimately, challenge and experience will bring forth a brighter future. Actively challenge yourselves and the world to realize your dreams and contentment. Happiness does not come from comparing yourselves to others. Happiness comes from the process of traversing your own paths. Also, be kind and considerate to family, friends, and colleagues. Compassion for others and efforts to illuminate the world will lead to the fulfillment of all.

Class of 2019! For all the faculty members and myself, it is our collective calling to nurture you with attentive care and meticulous education to become the proud leaders of society who will contribute to the betterment of the nation and humanity. To all the proud parents here today, I entreat you to warmly regard and encourage your children.

My dear freshmen!

I challenge you to not only build your dreams at POSTECH, but also strengthen the fundamentals required to realize those dreams. All the members of POSTECH will wholeheartedly support your endeavors. Thank you.

February 15, 2019
Doh-Yeon Kim
President of POSTECH