Campus Map

Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program
Name Place Phone Mail Home
Chemical Engineering (School of Environmental Science and Engineering Building) M-14 +82-54-279-2720
Chemistry (Chemistry Building) E-09 +82-54-279-2714
Computer Science & Engineering (Science Building Ⅱ) M-04 +82-54-279-2719
Convergence IT Engineering (C5) S-02 +82-54-279-8885
Electrical Engineering (LG Cooperative Electronics Engineering Building) M-13 +82-54-279-2718
Humanities & Social Sciences (Hogil Kim Memorial Hall) M-03 +82-54-279-3611
Industrial & Management Engineering (Science Building Ⅳ) M-05 +82-54-279-2717
Life Sciences (Life Science Building) E-03 +82-54-279-8181
Materials Science & Engineering (Science Building Ⅰ) M-02 +82-54-279-3650
Mathematics (Mathematical Science Building) M-10 +82-54-279-2712
Mechanical Engineering (Science Building Ⅴ / Mechanical Engineering Laboratories Building) M-07 +82-54-279-2832
Physics (Science Building Ⅲ) M-08 +82-54-279-2713
MUEUNJAE SCHOOL OF UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES (Tae-Joon Park Digital Library) S-01 +82-54-279-9101~5

Graduate Program

Undergraduate Program
Name Place Phone Mail Home
Advanced Management and Technology Innovation Program (Hogil Kim Memorial Hall) M-03 +82-54-279-2694
Chemistry (Chemistry) E-09 +82-54-279-2714
Convergence IT Engineering (C5) S-02 +82-54-279-8885
Division of Advanced Materials Science (C5) S-02 +82-54-279-8411~4
Division of Advanced Nuclear Engineering (Research Building Ⅰ) E-08 +82-54-279-9551
Division of IT Convergence Engineering (Science Building Ⅱ) M-04 +82-54-279-4421
Graduate Institute of Ferrous & Energy Materials Technology (Graduate Institute of Ferrous & Energy Materials Technology) S-07 +82-54-279-9201~11
Graduate School for Information Technology (POSTECH Information Research Laboratorie) M-12 +82-54-279-2711
Mathematics (Mathematical Science Building) M-10 +82-54-279-2712
Physics (Science Building Ⅲ) M-08 +82-54-279-2713
School of Environmental Science & Engineering (School of Environmental Science and Engineering Building) M-14 +82-54-279-8301
School of Interdisciplinary Bioscience & Bioengineering (Jigok Research Building) S-03 +82-54-279-8412~3
Techonology Innovation & Management Graduate Program (Hogil Kim Memorial Hall) M-03 +82-54-279-2689


Name Place Phone Mail Home
Academic Information resources (Tae-Joon Park Digital Library) S-01 +82-54-279-2547
Admissions (Administration Building) M-03 +82-54-279-3627
Audit and Inspection (Administration Building) M-01 +82-54-279-2418
Business Development (Science Building Ⅰ) M-03 +82-54-279-3658
Business Development (Hogil Kim Memorial Hall) M-03 +82-54-279-8490
Educational Affairs and Records (Administration Building) M-03 +82-54-279-2446
External Relations and Communications (Administration Building) M-01 +82-54-279-3684
Facilities Management (Hogil Kim Memorial Hall) M-03 +82-54-279-2486
Faculty Affairs (Administration Building) M-01 +82-54-279-2427
Finance adn Accounting (Administration Building) M-01 +82-54-279-2477
General Affairs and Safety (Administration Building) M-01 +82-54-279-2559
Housing Services (Student Dormitories) D-02 +82-54-279-3695
Human Resources (Administration Building) M-01 +82-54-279-8460
Industry-Academic Relations (Hogil Kim Memorial Hall) M-03 +82-54-279-8783
Planning and Budget (Administration Building) M-01 +82-54-279-2409
Purchasing and Property (Administration Building) M-01 +82-54-279-2467
Research Planning (Hogil Kim Memorial Hall) M-03 +82-54-279-3665
Sponsored Research (Hogil Kim Memorial Hall) M-03 +82-54-279-2574
Strategic Information Management (Tae-Joon Park Digital Library) S-01 +82-54-279-2529
Student Affairs (Hogil Kim Memorial Hall) M-03 +82-54-279-2436
University Advancement (Administration Building) M-01 +82-54-279-3604
POSTECH Dining Services (Jigok Community Center) D-01 +82-54-279-2653

Research Facilities

Research Facilities
Name Place Phone Mail Home
Accelerator Laboratory (Accelerator Laboratory) E-01 +82-54-279-1060 ~1
Apple Developer Academy @ POSTECH(C5) (Apple Developer Academy @ POSTECH(C5)) S-02 +82-54-279-8811
Apple Manufacturing R&D Accelerator(FABⅡ) (Apple Manufacturing R&D Accelerator(FABⅡ)) E-11 +82-54-279-8811
C5 (C5) S-02 +82-54-279-8885
Max Planck Korea/POSTECH Laboratory (Science Building Ⅰ) M-02 +82-54-279-3779
National Institute for Nanomaterials Technology (National Institute for Nanomaterials Technology) E-02 +82-54-279-0203
POSTECH Biotech Center (POSTECH Biotech Center) S-04 +82-54-279-8376

Welfare Facilities

Welfare Facilities
Name Place Phone Mail Home
Burger King (Jigok Community Center) D-01 +82-54-279-2585
Cafeteria (Jigok Community Center) D-01 +82-54-279-2655
Campus Store (Jigok Community Center) D-01 +82-54-279-5200
Food Court (Student Union Building) M-06 +82-54-279-2655
Freedom (Jigok Community Center) D-01 +82-54-279-2664
Freedom (Jigok Community Center) D-01 +82-54-279-2664
Futsal Court (Futsal Court) D-08
Gallery Cafe Monet (Jigok Community Center) D-01 +82-54-279-2667
Gymnasium (Gymnasium) D-06 +82-54-223-9300
Jigok Community Center (Jigok Community Center) D-01
Kyobo Book Centre (Student Union Building) M-06 +82-54-279-3715
OASIS (Student Union Building) M-06 +82-54-279-2655
Optician’s (Jigok Community Center) D-01 +82-54-279-2680
Optician’s (Jigok Community Center) D-01 +82-54-279-2680
POSCO International Center (POSCO International Center) M-16
POSPLEX (POSPLEX) D-07 +82-54-223-9300
Print Shop (Tae-Joon Park Digital Library) S-01 +82-54-279-2614
Residential College D-03 +82-54-279-0188
Snack Bar (Student Union Building) S-01 +82-54-279-0188
Souvenir Shop (Jigok Community Center) D-01 +82-54-279-2668
Sports Field (Sports Field) M-15
Stationery Store (Student Union Building) M-06 +82-54-279-5698
Student Dormitories D-02 +82-54-279-0188
Student Union Building (Student Union Building) M-06
Tae-Joon Park Digital Library (Tae-Joon Park Digital Library) S-01 +82-54-279-2547
Tennis Court (Tennis Court) D-08
Travel Agency (POSCO International Center) M-16 +82-54-279-2581
Washhouse (Student Dormitories) D-02 +82-54-279-2663
Wisdom (Jigok Community Center) D-01 +82-54-279-2655
Woori Bank (Student Union Building) M-06 +82-54-279-2586
세리오 (Student Union Building) M-06 +82-54-279-3720
연지 (Jigok Community Center) M-01 +82-54-279-5100