Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program

POSTECH runs a student teaching program in which senior students, as mentors, help junior students not only with their studies, but also with overall matters in campus life.


The current high school education system is a selective type of education, which results in students likely entering into university without completing all mathematics and science courses that are required at university.
The mentoring program offers first-year undergraduate students the opportunity to receive academic assistance from senior students on campus with incomplete courses in mathematics and science. This helps to lessen first-year students’ academic burden and also provides overall advice so that undergraduate first-year students can early adapt to campus life.

Basic Direction

  • Mentors and mentees are selected on the basis of GPA, subject grades and SMP results.
  • After checking class records, which are to be filled in after every class, a certain amount of scholarship is granted to mentors every month.
  • The mentees who withdrew from registered subjects and mentors who did not participate actively in the latest semester cannot be selected again.
  • According to the analytic results on the class performance (satisfaction degree), if some mentors and mentees are found to be problematic, they are likely to be placed at a disadvantage – an unfavorable disposition for the scholarship as well as the mentor-mentee selection in the following semester.

Selection Period

  • March and September each year (per semester)

How It Works

  • Receiving applications from undergraduate first-year students to be mentees and applications for being a mentor to undergraduate third-year or higher students at the same time.
  • One mentor serves three to four mentees who take the same courses and starts mentoring activities in study places like GSR (Group Study Room) at the Tae-Joon Park Digital Library.
  • Mentoring classes are held for more than two hours per class, four times per month, over the period of 3 months. After each class, class records should be filled in by mentors.
Last Modified : 2019-09-02