Housing for Researchers (Posville)

Housing for Researchers (Posville) Guides

Posville is the accommodation for researchers with 6 buildings and 179 units, which are divided into single units and shared units (3 individuals in 1 apartment). Each unit covers 79.2㎡ that includes 3 bedrooms, a living room with dining space, a balcony, and a bathroom. The heating system is centralized (hot water).

  • Eligibility and Allocation for Residency
    Category Researcher Dormitory Short-term Visitor Accommodation
    Eligibility □ To ensure stable residence for outstanding individuals who can contribute to the research and education at the university, the following members are eligible to apply.


    ① Early Career Researcher (Post-doc, Research Faculty [within 7 years of appointment after obtaining a Ph.D.])

    ② Non-tenure Track: Collegiate Professor, Teaching Associate, Research Professor, Academia-Industry Collaboration Professor, Endowed Professor

    ③ Graduate Student

    ④ Research Personnel/Administrative Staff (From Affiliated & Resident Research Institute: Researcher, University Employee (Full-time track annual salary contract)

    ※ However, residency is restricted to retirees from universities or companies within the Pohang area, as well as individuals whose primary registered residence is in Pohang.

    □ Move-in Process

    Fill out application form and submission.

    Assigned by the priority order ①-②-③-④ above regardless of waiting period, in accordance with room vacancy status.

    When the vacancy rate exceeds 10% for one month or longer, discussions will be held regarding moving in unqualified applicants.

    ex) Visiting professor, affiliate faculty, lecturer etc.

    Requested by administrative team, departments and research institutions
    Unit Configuration Single Unit Furnished/Unfurnished The composition of Units varies depending on the vacancy status.
    Shared Units

    (3 individuals in 1 apartment)

    [Shared] refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner

    [Individual room] bed/closet for each room are provided

    Monthly Usage Fee □ Monthly Usage Fee (excluding utility costs)


    ○ Single Unit

    – Furnished: KRW 670,000/month

    – Unfurnished: KRW 622,000/month

    ○ Shared Unit (3 persons/1 apartment)

    – Early Career Researcher/Non-tenure Track/Research Personnel/Administrative staff/Others:

    KRW 267,000 (R1), KRW 236,000 (R2), KRW 204,000 (R3)

    – Graduate Students: KRW 253,000 (R1), KRW 216,000 (R2), KRW 216,000 (R3)

    □ Deposit

    ○ Single Units: KRW 1,500,000

    ○ Shared Units (3 persons/1apartment): KRW 500,000 (per person)

    □ Monthly Usage Fee (including utility costs)


    ○ Entire Unit: KRW836,400/ month

    – R1: KRW 350,400

    – R2: KRW 313,200

    – R3: KRW 274,800

    □ Exemption from Deposit

    Period of Use Minimum 6 months to maximum 2 years (additional 2 years can be extended if continuous residency is desired) Within 1 month to 6 months
    Application Method Move-in Application → Approval Notification from Housing services Team → Housing Contract → Move-in Submission of Official Letter (Request for Cooperation) to Housing Services Team at least 10 days prior to move-in date
    Required Documents □ When applying for move-in

    Move-in Application Form (separate format)

    Employment Contract or Certificate of Enrollment (copy): If not available, can be submitted later

    □ When signing Housing Contract

    Tenancy Agreement (separate format)

    Identification Card (copy)

    Facility Checklist (separate format, to be completed after move-in)

    Short-term Visitor Accommodation Move-in Agreement form (separate format)

    Identification Card (copy)

    Facility Checklist (separate format, to be completed after move-in)

    Unit Structure 3 bedrooms, combined living room and kitchen, bathroom, balcony (Area: 79m² apartment)
  • Tenants Guidelines
    • The allocated unit/room cannot be changed arbitrarily upon occupancy.
    • Within one week of moving in, tenants must submit a Facility Checklist. Any damage to the facilities caused by the tenant’s negligence must be promptly restored to its original condition.
    • Occupants must adhere to the regulations set by the university upon occupancy, and graduate students are subject to dormitory rules and regulations.※ Should the following occur, it may result in forced eviction and non-refund of deposit.
      1. Co-residing with individuals without access permission or subleasing.

      ※ Family members can obtain an entry permission from the general affairs team

      1. Failure to pay usage fees and utility bills for more than 2 months
      2. Accidents (e.g., fire) caused by the occupant’s negligence
      3. Bringing pets into the premises
      4. Indoor smoking
      5. Causing disturbances to the community with 2 or more noise complaints
      6. Unauthorized dumping of trash (general/food waste) on 2 or more occasions
      7. Leaving personal belongings in shared spaces within or outside the unit on 2 or more occasions
    • Co-habituating with unauthorized persons or subleasing is strictly prohibited.※ In cases where family members of individual unit occupants co-habit, entry permission can be obtained from the general affairs team.
    • In shared units (3 persons per room), when one occupant vacates, the Housing Services Team inspects the common areas (living room/bathroom/balcony, etc.), and if there are any damages, cleaning costs are evenly distributed among all occupants.
    • Regular inspections for hygiene, fire safety, etc., are conducted, and in the absence of residents, they are carried out using master keys.
    • Household waste must be disposed of using designated bags, large waste items must be disposed of with purchased stickers, and food waste must be disposed of in the provided “measurement equipment.” (T-money)※ Designated bags and stickers (Hyo-ja mart R-Mart), T-money (Ji-gok Cafeteria Convenience Store)
    • Actions that detract from the aesthetics of the unit/external environment are prohibited, and in case of facility damage caused by the occupant’s negligence, the occupant must restore or compensate for it personally.
    • Basic facilities and all accessories (including water fixtures) within the unit cannot be dismantled/moved/modified arbitrarily. All appliances, furniture, and equipment provided by the Dormitory Management Team cannot be replaced or disposed of arbitrarily. If any of these items are found damaged, the occupant must immediately restore them at their own expense..
    • In case of accidents (e.g., fire) or criminal activities resulting from the occupant’s negligence or disturbance of harmony, eviction measures may be taken.
    • Violations of compliance guidelines and overdue/non-payment of usage fees may lead to eviction measures.


  • Move-out Procedure
    • If you move out Posville, the Move-out procedure must be completed 10 days in advance, and any damaged facilities must be restored to their original condition or compensated for.※ To apply for moving out Posville: POVIS – Work Area – Dormitory/Housing Management – Apply for leaving for dormitory (Contact: 054-279-3701).
    • The final month’s usage fee must be deposited in cash. Failure to deposit in cash will result in forfeiture of the deposit.
Department : Housing Services
Last Modified : 2024-04-09