CHAPTER 1 – General

2013-07-30 823

Article 1 (Objective)

As a leading research university in science and technology, Pohang University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as POSTECH), aims to contribute to the advancement of the nation and human society in general by undertaking education and research in the most advanced and in-depth theories and applications of science and technology, promoting collaboration with industry and research institutes, and by producing creative manpower.

Article 2 (Undergraduate and Graduate Programs)

(1) POSTECH provides an Undergraduate Program, a program for master’s degrees (hereinafter referred to as the “Master’s Program”), a program for doctoral degrees (hereinafter referred to as the “Doctoral Program”), and an integrative program combining the Master’s and Doctoral Programs (hereinafter referred to as “Integrative Program”). Regulations for graduate school programs are stipulated under the Graduate School Regulations.
(2) POSTECH has ten academic departments: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Life Science, Material Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. The School of Environmental Engineering in graduate school is run as an interdisciplinary collaborative program.
(3) POSTECH operates the School of Humanities and Social Sciences for education in the humanities and social sciences.

Article 3 (Department Quorum)

The admission quota of each department in the Undergraduate Program is provided in Attachment 1, with exceptions allowed when provided for by laws and ordinances. Article 4 (Auxiliary Bodies and Research Institutes)
(1) POSTECH has the following auxiliary bodies and research institutes:
(i) Auxiliary Bodies: Academic Information Center, Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning, General Service Center, Central Machine & Facilities Shop, Venture Business Incubation Center, POSTECH Newspaper.
(ii) Auxiliary Research Institutes: Basic Science Research Institute, Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, Center for Advanced Aerospace Materials, Advanced Engineering Research Center, Advanced Fluids Engineering Research Center, Biotechnology Research Center, POSTECH Information Research Laboratories, Automation Research Center, Research Center for Catalytic Technology, Center for Biofunctional Molecules, Advanced Product & Production Technology Center, Automotive Mechatronics Center, Microwave Application Research Center, Steel Processing Automation Research Center, Cooperative Electronics Laboratory, Institute of Environmental & Energy Technology, Counselling Center, Polymer Research Institute, Combinatorial & Computational Mathematics Center
(2) The organization and operations of the above auxiliary bodies and research institutes are stipulated separately.