CHAPTER 10 – Examination & Academic Record

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Article 40 (Examination)

Two examinations are conducted each semester including a final exam.

Article 41 (Evaluation of Academic Performance)

Academic performance in each course is integrally evaluated based on exam scores, assignments, class attendance, and other work. Classes in experimentation and practical training, and special courses can have separate evaluation standards.

Article 42 (Grading of Academic Performance)

(1) Academic performance is evaluated and graded as follows Grades above D- and (Satisfactory) S performance are acknowledged as credits earned.

(2) In certain courses designated by the President, only “S” for Pass and “U” for Fail are given.

Article 43 (Course Retaking)

When a new grade is achieved from retaking a course, the previous grade is removed from the academic record book, and the new grade for the retaken course is limited to B+ or below.

Article 44 (Class Attendance)

(1) Students should attend at least 3/4 of total class hours in each course to be eligible for earning credits.
(2) Acceptable reasons for absence from class are provided separately.

Article 45 (Makeup Examination)

(1) Students who are unable to take an examination due to unavoidable reasons such as illness should submit a Request for a Makeup Examination with necessary documents attached before the examination period for approval by their advisor, department head , and the President.
(2) The grade for a course for which a makeup exam is conducted is temporarily marked as “I” until a new grade is available. When the new grade is decided, it is recorded, but when a makeup exam is not taken, it is to be marked as “F”.
(3) A makeup exam is to be taken after the end of the semester but prior to the start of the next semester.

Article 46 (Graduation Dissertation)

(1) Students planning for graduation must submit a dissertation. But if submission of a dissertation is not appropriate due to the nature of curriculum, then experiment reports, presentation of practical skills, or a general examination for graduation can substitute.
(2) Details on the graduation dissertation are stipulated separately.등록