CHAPTER 11 – Reward & Punishment

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Article 47 (Reward)

Students with good conduct, no failed courses, and who satisfy one of the following criteria are deemed honor students at the end of each semester, and this reward is recorded on the student register:
(i) Bachelor of Science: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Life Science.
(ii) Bachelor of Engineering: Material Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, & Chemical Engineering.

Article 48 (Graduation Award)

(1) Students with an excellent academic record and whose behavior is exemplary are rewarded as follows at graduation, and such awards are recorded on the student register and

Graduation Certificate:
Summa cum laude : GPA 3.9 or above
Magna cum laude : GPA 3.6 or above
Cum laude : GPA 3.4 or above

(2) Those who received penalties during their term at school are excluded from such awards.

Article 49 (Academic Warning)

(1) Those with a poor academic record, having a GPA below 2.0 in each semester, receive an academic warning.
(2) In case of (1) above, the student and his or her guardian, the department head and the student’s advisor are all notified of the academic warning.
(3) The department head or the advisor can restrict the number of credits to be taken by a student who receives an academic warning.
(4) Students receiving two academic warnings in a row are suspended for a limited term, while those receiving three warnings are dismissed.

Article 50 (Punishment)

(1) Students falling into one of the following categories can be punished depending upon the seriousness of their infractions:
(i) Those with poor behavior and who show no room for improvement.
(ii) Those with poor academic records and who show no potential for improvement.
(iii) Those with a poor class attendance record and who have not provided proper reasons.
(iv) Those who disturb the academic environment or who destroy or do harm to university property and facilities.
(v) Those who disobey student regulations and demonstrate misconduct

(2) Punishment is divided into disciplinary confinement, suspension (limited or unlimited term), and dismissal.
(3) Details on punishments are stipulated separately.