CHAPTER 15 – Entrusted and Foreign Exchange Students

2013-07-30 370

Article 56 (Entrusted Students)

(1) Those currently employed by public organizations who are approved and entrusted by the head of such organizations can be admitted to POSTECH as entrusted students when they are recommended by the Ministery of Education.
(2) Among the entrusted students, those qualified for transfer admission can be awarded with degrees.
(3) Entrusted students are automatically dismissed when they lose their position at their public organization.
(4) Entrusted students are excluded from the quota specified in Article 3.

Article 57 (Children of Expatriates & Diplomats)

Despite the quota of Article 3, a separate quota is allowed to accept students in the following cases. But the number of students falling under
(i) below cannot exceed 2% of the admission quota for the year concerned.
(i) Children of expatriates and diplomats (excluding those under (ii) below)
(ii) Expatriates and foreigners who have completed their educations in foreign institutions corresponding to the primary, middle, and high schools of Korea.