CHAPTER 18 – Academic Affairs Committee

2013-07-30 307

Article 63 (Academic Affairs Committee)

For the general deliberation of important issues related with education and the operation of POSTECH an Academic Affairs Committee has been established.

Article 64 (Composition)

The Academic Affairs Committee is composed of the President, Vice President, Deans, Department Heads, Dean of Humanities & Social Sciences, and directors of auxiliary bodies and laboratories as designated by the President. When deemed necessary by the President, additional people can be called in to present their ideas.

Article 65 (Convocation)

The Academic Affairs Committee is convened and chaired by the President.

Article 66 (Issues of Deliberation)

The Academic Affairs Committee deliberates the following issues:
(i) Issues related with the amendment and enactment of university regulations
(ii) Issues related with the opening and closure of certain departments or auxiliary organizations
(iii) Issues related with education and research
(iv) Issues related with the budget
(v) Issues related with reward and punishment
(vi) Other issues related with the administration of the university