CHAPTER 21 – Student Activity

2013-07-30 279

Article 69 (Student Association)
(1) The Student Association composed of all students is organized to foster the self-governing capability of the students and to promote extracurricular activities.
(2) Issues related with the organization and operation of the Student Association are stipulated under Student Regulations and approved by the President.
(3) The Student Association stops its activities during national emergencies such as war, and in the event of other calamities equivalent to war.

Article 70 (Student Life Committee)

(1) To provide guidance and consultation in matters related with student life in general, including student activities, the Student Life Committee has been established.
(2) The Student Life Committee consists of the Dean of Student Affairs, the dormitory superintendent, and department heads or professors assigned by them.
(3) Details on the operation of the Student Life Committee are stipulated separately.

Article 71 (Approval for Student Organizations)
When student organizations other than the Student Association are created they should be appraised by the Student Life Committee and approved by the President.

Article 72 (Student Activity)
Detailed standards and procedures of student activities are stipulated separately.

Article 73 (Prohibited Student Activity)
Students are not allowed to engage in the following activities, and those in disobedience can be subjected to penalties:
(1) Political activity on campus
(2) Political activity off campus under the name of POSTECH
(3) Activity disturbing the performance of fundamental university functions
(4) Activity disturbing other educational purposes and campus orderliness

Article 74 (Student Guidance)
(1) The President establishes Student Guidance Plans at the beginning of each year and assigns advisory professors for student guidance.
(2) Advisory professors do their best to guide their assigned students so that they will become capable scientists and engineers with healthy minds.