CHAPTER 3 – Academic Year, Semester, Class Days and Holidays

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Article 7 (Academic Year, Semester)

(1) The academic year starts March 1st and ends on the last day of the following February.
(2) The academic year is divided into two semesters and seasonal terms are offered as follows:
(i) First Semester: March 1 – August 31
(ii) Second Semester: September 1 – February 28, the following year
(iii) Seasonal Terms:
a) Summer and Winter Terms
b) Period: 4-8 weeks
c) Obtainable Credits: no more than 6 credits per term

Article 8 (Number of Class Days)

(1) The number of class days per academic year is 30 weeks or more (15 weeks or more per semester).
(2) When the above number of class days is not completed under emergent situations such as natural calamities and unexpected academic concerns, the period can be reduced by two weeks per semester upon approval by the Minister of Education.

Article 9 (Holidays)

(1) Regular holidays are as follows:
(i) Summer vacation
(ii) Winter vacation
(iii) The University’s Anniversary Day
(iv) Sundays and Official Public Holidays
(2) Summer and Winter vacation periods are stipulated separately.
(3) Temporary holidays can be enacted by the President when deemed necessary.
(4) When deemed necessary, classes in experimentation and practical training can be held on holidays.