CHAPTER 8 – Courses, Classification, Credits, & Graduation

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Article 28 (Classification of Courses)

Courses are classified into General Education and Major, and are further subdivided into Required and Elective courses.

Article 29 (Credits)

The unit of course-value is one credit per 16 hours of class per semester. But such courses as experimentation, practical training, sports, or others designated by the President, should be at least 32 hours per semester.

Article 30 (Course Credits)

The required number of credits for graduation is at least 141, including at least 32 credits earned in General Education, at least 48 in a major, and at least 21 in a minor.

Article 31 (Credit Earned per Semester)

(1) The standard number of credits to be earned in each semester is 18, with a maximum of 21 credits. Those planning for early graduation as provided by Article 34(2), whose GPA is over 3.4 (out of 4.3), and who have not failed in any courses, can take three additional credits beyond the maximum.
(2) Students should register for a minimum of 12 credits each semester. Under unavoidable circumstances, such as severe illness, exceptions can be made with approval by the department head.

Article 32 (Special Examination for Credit Earning)

(1) In certain courses, separately specified credits can be earned by taking a special examination.
(2) Credits earned by special examination cannot exceed 12 credits.

Article 33 (Curriculum)

Matters related to the structuring and operation of the curriculum are deliberated and resolved by the Academic Affairs Committee and then approved by the President.

Article 34 (Graduation)

(1) Students who have completed all the courses stipulated by Regulations, have earned a GPA over 2.0, passed the graduation dissertation appraisal, and obtained a TOEFL score above 550 are awarded with a Graduation Certificate, as attached in No.1. Those who have not satisfied the TOEFL requirement of a score above 550 may be acknowledged with a Certification of Completion.
(2) Those satisfying all the requirements for graduation with a GPA above 3.4 can be approved for early graduation after six semesters.

Article 35 (Degree Award)

Graduating students are awarded with degrees as stipulated below, with minors described on the Graduation Certificate.
(i) Bachelor of Science: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Life Science.
(ii) Bachelor of Engineering: Material Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, & Chemical Engineering.

Article 36 (Class Status Determined by Credits Earned)

The class status of students is determined by credits earned as follows: