Message from the President – Dear beloved members of POSTECH and honorable citizens of Pohang,

2020-02-24 405

I would like to once again extend my regards to the members of POSTECH, their families, and citizens of Pohang who have spent last night in distress.

As stated in my message on the 23rd, all areas visited by the confirmed person have been disinfected, and the members of POSTECH and of related organizations identified as close contacts have started self-isolation as directed by the community health center.

However, we have decided to close the school until the 25th when the test results of those close contacts will be released. We will review the developments and consider extending closure of POSTECH if necessary.

In addition, the first day of spring semester of 2020, which was delayed to March 2nd, will be further postponed two weeks to begin on March 16th. We will inform you of the revised academic calendar as soon as it is settled.

POSTECH’s Science Building III and Hogil Kim Memorial Hall, which were affirmed to be visited by the confirmed person, will be completely shut down until 25th and can only be accessed with permission from Provost & Executive Vice President Joon Won Park, the director of Infectious Disease Control (

In addition, please also refrain from assessing laboratories in other buildings. Only enter under unavoidable circumstance at the authorization and discretion of the advisor. It may be inconvenient, but these measures are to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and for our members, their families and for our community. We ask for understanding and cooperation from our professors, staff, researchers, and graduate students.

Even after the closure period, all members are required to wear masks and to practice good personal hygiene. Also be alert to announcements made through POSTECH’s “Smart Notification” app and the school’s bulletin board.

In addition, please refrain from visiting partner organizations including the Pohang Steelworks and Pohang Steel Complex for any purpose for the time being.

POSTECH’s strength lies in the power of together and in bringing our wisdom and courage together, we will overcome the difficulties we currently face. We ask for close cooperation from our professors, students, staff, and partner companies.

I wish for a speedy recovery of the confirmed person. And to those in self-isolation, while you may feel concerned or frustrated, please remember that all members of POSTECH community sincerely hope for your health and well-being.

Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all our members, their families and Pohang citizens. POSTECH will make every effort to prevent further spread and to ensure the health and safety of all.

Thank you.

February 24, 2020

Moo Hwan Kim