Message from the President – Dear POSTECH family

2020-02-25 560

Dear POSTECH family,

As COVID-19 continues to spread nationwide, I imagine that the members of POSTECH and their families are growing increasingly worried. POSTECH’s utmost priority lies in ensuring health and safety of all our members. Education and research cannot continue unless safety is secured. With that in mind, we are committed to utilizing all our competencies so that everyone can return to campus with peace of mind.

During the school closure, we implemented necessary measures such as disinfecting the premises and testing and isolating those who were in close contact, in cooperation with relevant departments, partner organizations and local governments. As of 3pm today, February 25th, we plan to carefully resume university’s normal operations from tomorrow, February 26th.

However, as new developments can transpire at any time, please keep an eye on the university’s smart notification app and the bulletin boards as I mentioned in my last message. Please check your personal information on POVIS to make sure it is current.

During the closure period, graduate students’ access to laboratories is restricted. However, in urgent situations only, please enter with the approval of the advisor and refrain from staying in them.

In addition, even after the closure period, all pregnant women, patients with pre-existing conditions, and visitors to Daegu or other affected areas should work from home after reporting to their supervisors. Detailed criteria and length of isolation will be announced by the General Affairs team soon. This is a protective measure for our members, their families and the community, and so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

POSTECH has secured as many masks and hand sanitizers as possible. Members must practice good personal hygiene when entering the campus, such as wearing masks and keeping a 2-meter distance when talking with others.

We will continue to share critical information through POVIS as quickly as possible. Please do not rely on rumors or SNS but inquire through POVIS for accurate information. We ask for your patience while we verify and confirm things as there may be sensitive information involved.

Lastly, we would like to minimize visitors from entering our campus and ask our members to refrain from business trips and traveling as much as possible.

It is a trying time for our university as it is for our community and our country. I believe everyone including professors, students, staff, cafeteria staff, campus police and our partner organizations are each experiencing much difficulty due to the school closure.

Dear POSTECH family!

Whatever the situation, the power of together has always guided POSTECH. Please let us gather our wisdom and expertise. Let us believe in the power of POSTECH and overcome the hardship at hand, together.

Thank you.

February 25, 2020

Moo Hwan Kim