New Postechians matriculated as undeclared major

2018-03-09 1,141

POSTECH matriculated its first class of the heralded Mueunjae School of Undergraduate Studies on February 26, 2018. A total of 335 freshmen (including 20 students for Creative IT Engineering) took their new steps as Postechians.

To foster talented individuals with a wide breadth of experience, POSTECH have had its first fully open admission process for 2018 where all incoming freshmen were admitted as undeclared majors, and admission quotas were removed from all departments.

POSTECH implemented the undeclared major admission process to help freshmen enjoy a whole year of flexibility, exploration, and challenge in their academic pursuit without being tied to majors. The students are encouraged to freely explore diverse academic interests and immerse themselves in the joy of learning without fear of hurting their GPA. When declaring a major later, students can choose a major of their interest regardless of their GPA as there is no fixed quota or cut-off score.

“You who have matriculated entirely with undeclared majors are the protagonists of educational innovation of Korea,” said President Doh-Yeon Kim in his matriculation address.

As the first class of Mueunjae School of Undergraduate Studies has embarked on their academic pursuits, President Kim emphasized that “there will not be any fixed roads.” The newest Postechians will learn to “have the strength to go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” as “boundaries of nations and cultures will fade away, and all areas of academics and technology will transcend barriers to converge,” according to President Kim.

Mueunjae School of Undergraduate Studies was named after the nom de plume of Dr. Hogil Kim, the First President of POSTECH, and Mueunjae means ‘academics without boundaries.’