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POSTECH, Value Creating University In commemoration and celebration of its 30th anniversary, POSTECH declared a new vision in 2016 for the next three decades to propel itself to becoming a Value Creating University.
PAL-XFEL, the 4th Generation Light Souce at Pohang Accelerator Laboratory - The 4th generation light source(X-ray Free Electron Laser) is a facility that accelerates elections up to the light speed and creates a stroug x-ray, allowing scientists to abserve ultrafast phenomena in nano-worlds.
POSTECH Venture Fund - POSTECH announced the launch of a krw 53.5 billion venture support fund. It is the largest amount ever raised by a Korean university and its private-sector partners
POSTECH Students Welcome Summer Exerience in Society(SES) - Postechians are off to enjoy the extended three-months-long summer vacation, all ready to immerse themselves in society.
Prof.Seungki,Min - Human activities increase the risk of summer starting early in South Korea - READ MORE
Prof.Sinhyeog,Im - How a single faulty gene can lead to lupus - READ MORE
Prof.Kunhong,lee - A new novel technology for more hydrogen storage in ice-like crystals - READ MORE
Prof.Hyungjoon,Cha - Mussel glue helps stem cells affix and remain - READ MORE
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