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POSTECH Receives Gift of 300 Million Won from Chairman Shin-Il Chun read more
The Norwegian Ambassador Visits POSTECH read more Prof. Janet Hering Gives a Series of Lectures at POSTECH read more
Professor Sei Kwang Hahn Joins Editorial Board of Biomaterials  read more POSTECH Students Receive SPIE Scholarship 5 Years in a Row read more
The Rowing Team Wins at 49th Jang Bogo Flag National Rowing Championship read more
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Is the Ocean a Solution for Ushering in the Era of
                              Environmentally Friendly Energy? Water blankets around 70 percent of the Earth’s...  read more
World’s First Mass Production of Metalenses for Visible Wavelengths Do you hate the camera bumps on the back of your smartphone? A new optical component called... read more Fuel Cell Lifespan Determined by Catalyst Selection Trains do not have the blinking turn signal lever found in automobiles. In contrast to cars, trains are not equipped with a manual handle to make a left or right turn. read more
Fluorine-based New Drug Synthesis at Lightning Speed How short is one second? The duration of a second can be defined as one 86,400th of a 24-hour day. A bullet train traveling at 300 km per hour can cover... read more
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Summer at POSTECH ⭐POSTECH Graduate Career Story⭐ Prof. Seongjin Cho, CNU (Mech Eng. '03) POSTECH Welcomes TU Eindhoven Students!
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