Photos from Commencement Ceremony

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Photos from Commencement Ceremony


Photos from the Academic Year 2011 Commencement Ceremony are available for viewing on the webpage below, listed in several different sets (e.g., Ceremony, Conferral of Degrees_Ph.D., Conferral of Degrees_Masters, Conferral of Degrees_Bachelors, and Honors and Awards). Those who received their diploma on stage may find more than one photo of theirs taken from different angles. Also note that the order of photos presented here may be different from the actual order of the students appearance on stage.


How to download:

1. Visit the website ( and select a set of photos to view.

2. Click on a photo in the set. A larger image of the selected photo will show up on the left and the related information and thumbnails on the right.

3. Right click on the larger photo à Select a preferred size à Save


February 14, 2012

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