PIURI Postdoctoral Fellowship Awarded

2020-10-16 508

201016_피우리 히어로

POSTECH held a presentation ceremony for the PIURI*1 Postdoctoral Fellowship recipients on October 12 at the POSCO International Center. The fellowship is awarded to cultivate outstanding professionals who will lead future innovations in technology.

PIURI Postdoctoral Fellowship was initiated to support the research activities of exceptional postdoctoral researchers at POSTECH and to foster capable research leaders. Any research associate or research faculty of any nationality are eligible given that they have obtained their Ph.D. degree within the past seven years.

The fellowship was awarded for the first time this year, and the recipients are: Dr. Soumen Dutta of Department of Chemical Engineering, Dr. Omar Ahmed Abdelmottaleb Abdel in Department of the Electrical Engineering, Dr. Sathiya Moorthi Praveen of Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Dr. Akarsh Asoka Kumar of School of Environmental Science & Engineering and Dr. Sangjun Lee of Department of Life Sciences. The recipients of the fellowship will receive up to 35 million won per year for two years and are eligible to reapply.

President Moo Hwan Kim congratulated the recipients and remarked, “The goal of this project is to secure excellent postdoctoral researchers which is a vital part of the professors’ research activities.” He added, “We have launched the PIURI fellowship at our university to attract excellent talent and will be expanding the efforts in the future.”

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