POSTECH and ADD Sign a Cooperative Agreement

2018-06-11 337

[Collaboration in the field of national security for the betterment of Korea]


We live in a hyper-connected world where science and technology evolve at an exponential rate, and military science and technology, including the development of advanced equipment, are not exempt from this trend: National security is directly correlated with technological advances.

To bolster Korea’s national defense capacity and better serve its populace, POSTECH and the Agency for Defense Development (ADD) have signed a cooperative agreement for the advancement of military science and technology.

The primary aim of this agreement is to nurture talented individuals in the respective field and foster the active exchange of resources between the institutions. POSTECH and ADD will also promote academic exchanges and carry out collaborative research to realize this vision.

President Doh-Yeon Kim expressed his great anticipation and said, “It is my genuine desire that through this cooperative agreement with ADD, the outstanding research achievements and talented individuals of POSTECH will form a solid bedrock for Korea’s national security.” He also reaffirmed POSTECH’s passionate drive and said, “We will fully support the advancement of Korea’s technological resources through world-class collaborative output with ADD.”

President Sae-Kyu Nam (ADD) said, “The power to drive advancements in national security lies in the hands of innovative scientists.” He added, “This cooperative agreement will become the all-important cornerstone of a self-reliant and independent national defense program.”