POSTECH Conference 2022 on Complex Analytic Geometry Held

2022-08-08 387

[KSCV14 and ICFIDCAA28 joint international academic conference held on July 18~22, 2022]

POSTECH’s Department of Mathematics successfully hosted the POSTECH Conference 2022 on Complex Analytic Geometry on the POSTECH campus.

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This academic conference, held online and offline from July 18- 22, is an international academic conference in the field of complex function theory and complex geometry. It was held through the alliance of the 14th Korean Conference on Several Complex Variables (KSCV14) and the 28th International Conference on Finite and Infinite Dimensional Complex Analysis and Applications (ICFIDCAA28).

About 60 experts from Korea and abroad who specialize in complex analysis and complex geometry discussed and shared about the latest research trends in related fields. The conference was held with the support from the POSTECH conference program and from the Institute for Basic Science.