POSTECH expands its teacher training program

2018-03-09 467

Incheon Metropolitan City has newly joined the group of POSTECH’s governmental partners to educate its elementary and secondary school teachers on how to better teach students on computational thinking and digital literacy.

Computational thinking and digital literacy are deemed as a defining feature of the future and an extremely important skill that the younger generation should be learning to succeed in a fast-changing landscape of today and tomorrow’s society.

Since 2017, POSTECH has been collaborating with provincial governments and their offices of education to offer teachers open-online courses and offline training on the campus to help them acquire a better understanding of these important skills. POSTECH also has been running a content warehouse platform for pedagogical resources and providing the teachers with creative contents they can utilize for class activities.

South Korea’s Ministry of Education announced its plan in 2015 to add coding to the compulsory educational curriculum effective in 2018 as part of a wider undertaking to prepare for the 4th industrial revolution. With the need for qualified teachers becoming ever greater, POSTECH took the initiative to “Teach the Teachers.” The educational program, developed in collaboration with the Yeosijae think tank, provincial governments and their offices of education, came amid efforts to support the educational innovation as the nation’s flagship university.

Incheon has become POSTECH’s 4th governmental partner following Chungnam, Gyeongbuk, and Daegu offices of education.