POSTECH – Tel Aviv University Joint Workshop Held to Strengthen Collaboration in Cutting-Edge Research

2023-08-23 175

POSTECH hosted a joint research workshop with Tel Aviv University, the largest university in Israel, from August 7 – 8, 2023.

13 scholars from Tel Aviv University, including Professor Milette Shamir, Vice President of Academic International Affairs and Professor Noam Eliaz, Dean of Faculty of Engineering, as well as 14 professors representing POSTECH, including President Moo Hwan Kim, Professor Hyung Joon Cha, Dean of Engineering, and Professor Sin-Hyeog Im of the Department of Life Sciences, participated in the conference held on the POSTECH campus.

After the opening ceremony, which included welcoming remarks from President Moo Hwan Kim and congratulatory remarks from H.E. Akiva Tor, the Israeli Ambassador to Republic of Korea, an MOU was signed between POSTECH and Tel Aviv University for student exchange and research cooperation. The workshop focused on the following topics: Photonics/Light-Matter Interaction, Biomaterials and Biomedicine, Machine Learning, AI and Smart Cities/Grids, Electrochemistry, Energy and Electrokinetics, and Immunology & Plant Biology.

The joint conference was initiated by Ambassador Akiva Tor from his visit to POSTECH in 2021. He is deeply interested in cooperation between the two countries and has expressed his support for facilitating increased collaboration between POSTECH and Israeli research institutions.

Through this joint conference, POSTECH hopes to establish a closer working relationship with Tel Aviv University, and to pursue more high-impact research in cutting-edge fields together.

Tel Aviv University, founded in 1956, is the largest university in Israel and is also known for creating an entrepreneurship curriculum in Israel, a country known as a startup paradise. The university, which is strong in medicine and biochemistry, has been conducting joint research with POSTECH in fields such as optics and AI.

POSTECH-Tel Aviv University Joint Workshop (11)

POSTECH-Tel Aviv University Joint Workshop (10)