POSTECH to Establish Korea’s first Extensible Quantum Computing Technology

2019-07-10 354

The Center for Extensible Quantum Computing Technology Convergence Platform (Director: Professor Jae-Yoon Sim, Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering) at POSTECH was selected as a national project by the Ministry of Science and ICT for its ‘Leading Research Center Support Program’ in the area of engineering (ERC: Engineering Research Center). The center will receive 13.5 billion KRW (total of 14.7 billion KRW including 1.35 billion KRW granted to Gyeongsangbuk-do Province) in government funding over the next seven years. In addition, Professor Jae Choon Cha of Department of Mathematics will also receive funding on his research on four-dimensional topology and knot theory as it was selected for the Research Leader Program under the nation’s Basic Research Program.

Through this designation, the Center for Extensible Quantum Computing Technology Convergence Platform will: Build the nation’s first quantum computer; develop quantum computing technology; establish an industrial hub platform through cloud services; and nurture a core set of engineers specializing in quantum computing.

The quantum computer surpasses the calculation performance of the conventional supercomputer by millions of times using the principles of quantum mechanics. It can be used in virtually every industry including defense, science, medical, pharmaceutical, automobile, and aerospace.

Ministry of Science and ICT operates a variety of programs to support exceptional researchers. Among them, the ‘Leading Research Center Support Program’ is divided into five areas (science, engineering, medical, convergence, and regional innovation) and funds basic research in each area to cultivate core talent and strengthen industrial base in science and technology fields. The Research Leader Program, for which Professor Jae Choon Cha was selected, is the representative basic research program in Korea, and aims to cultivate creative basic research abilities and deepen and develop research through individual research support. The program selects researchers of the highest caliber every year and funds an annual average of 800 million ~ 1.5 billion KRW for 9 years. Eight researchers, including Professor Cha, are supported by this program at POSTECH currently.