POSTECH Unveils ‘Value Creating University’ UI

2018-04-02 1,272

POSTECH has unveiled its new UI (University Identity) that corresponds to the ‘Value Creating University’ vision.

During POSTECH’s 30th anniversary ceremony in 2016, the University declared a new vision to build upon its 30 years of research-oriented foundation and take the next step into becoming a Value Creating University.

Based on human value through devoted education and knowledge value through outstanding research, Value Creating University is an institution where its policies and systems are directed to both maximize economic value through entrepreneurial activities and expand social value through job creation and contributions to society. Since 2016, POSTECH has been implementing innovative policies in education and research, from novel approaches in faculty recruitment, admission system, and undergraduate education, to reorganization of academic departments, among others.

As such, the existing UI that represents the innovative spirit of POSTECH was updated with an italicized Value Creating University that represents the vision’s challenging spirit. Accordingly, the color of the slogan is POSTECH Orange, which both maximizes visibility and creates a harmonious balance with the POSTECH Red.

In addition to this traditional version, a more contemporary version that accentuates the English slogan will also be available to meet any demands.

The new UI will be adapted into 10 application-specific designs that will permeate throughout the campus, from business cards, PowerPoint templates, and souvenirs, among others.