POSTECH, Value Creating University

2018-03-01 494

In commemoration and celebration of its 30th anniversary, POSTECH declared a new vision in 2016 for the next three decades to propel itself to becoming a Value Creating University. Building upon its foundation of research excellence, POSTECH has poised itself to take another leap forward as a flagship institution of higher learning.

As a Value Creating University that enriches and advances the nation and humanity, POSTECH has defined its mission as leading the proliferation of these three values: Human Value, Knowledge Value, and Socio-Economic Value. While continuously dedicating itself to providing the finest education and fostering talents, as well as conducting pioneering research, POSTECH strives to further build upon these Human Value and Knowledge Value to make direct contributions in leading the socio-economic progress of society.

In such endeavors towards becoming a Value Creating University, since 2016, POSTECH has refurbished its systems and implemented innovative policies in recruitment of academic staff, student admissions, undergraduate curriculums, and restructure of faculties and departments.