POSTECH wins consecutive Science War

2017-09-26 450


POSTECH has conquered KAIST for two years in a row in their annual friendly competition known as the “Science War.” It has been six years since POSTECH’s last consecutive wins.

The 2017 POSTECH-KAIST Science War was held on September 22 and 23 at KAIST. This year’s competition consisted of hacking, artificial intelligence programing, science quiz, e-sports (League of Legends), soccer, baseball, and basketball. POSTECH beat KAIST, winning four out of the total seven matches.

KAIST had an auspicious start as they won the soccer and baseball matches. Nevertheless, POSTECH outclassed its opponent in the 12 hour-long computer hacking match and won by a landslide, seizing the shift in momentum. POSTECH made a clean sweep in the science quiz, e-sports, and AI programming and confirmed its overall victory.

The Science War has been held every September since 2002, and the two universities take turns in hosting the event. It serves as an opportunity for students from both universities to celebrate their friendly rivalry and expand their network with each other through competitions in various fields of science, e-sports, and sports.

The all-time Science War record is 7 wins for POSTECH and 8 wins for KAIST.

POSTECH will be hosting the event next year.