POSTECH’s technology to take Korean football to higher ground

2017-05-15 499


POSTECH and Korea Football Association (KFA) have signed agreements on collaboration and use of technologies to make Korean football more competitive.

Their partnership focuses on applying cutting-edge technologies to football, such as AI, IoT, and big data analysis, to give the national team a boost. High-speed, robotic cameras for lively broadcasting will lift the sport’s popularity, while players and prospects hone their skills in training with deep-learning methods.

POSTECH President Doh-Yeon Kim notes that football is not merely a sport anymore but a culture, an industry, and possibly a parameter for measuring national development. President Kim hopes that POSTECH will help meet the increasing needs of advanced technologies in sports and make the Korean team stronger.

Andy YS Kim, a professor at POSTECH whose specialty lies in sport engineering and ICT convergence, adds that the researchers will use AI to recognize and analyze the players’ performance patterns. High-tech wearable devices with an ergonomic design will synchronize with cloud platform to systematically assess players’ condition and provide data. Accumulated big data will then be translated into meaningful insights and strategies. 

The agreement, the first ever signed between KFA and a university, lasts for three years starting on April 12, 2017.