Professor Junsuk Rho Wins the Young Investigator Award from MNE

2020-10-27 338


POSTECH Professor Junsuk Rho of the departments of mechanical engineering and chemical engineering won the Young Investigator Award and Lectureship from Micro Electronic Engineering (MEE), a world-renowned conference on micro- and nano-scale device and system fabrication.

The award is presented by the European Microelectronic Engineering (MEE), one of the world’s top three academic societies in the field of micro and nanotechnology, to researchers who have high influence and outstanding achievements within eight years of obtaining their Ph.D. degrees. The awards are named after the two journals published by Elsevier: Microelectronic Engineering (MEE) and Micro and Nano Engineering (MNE).

Professor Junsuk Rho who won the award from MNE – the journal that focused on fusion research of micro and nanotechnology – is considered as world’s best researcher in nanofabrication using electron beam lithography. He received this award for his research contribution to the development of nano-optics, especially for his innovative research on metamaterials. This is the first time a researcher from a non-European region, institution or nationality has won the award since the establishment of the association.

The awards ceremony and keynote speech were originally scheduled to be held at this year’s conference but were postponed to the 47th MNE conference in Turin, Italy, in September 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.