Silicon Mitus CEO Youm Huh Donates 100 Million Won to POSTECH

2020-04-21 228

허염- 포스코청암상

Mr. Youm Huh, the CEO of Silicon Mitus and the recipient of the 2020 POSCO TJ Park Awards, donated 100 million won (USD 81,500) of the prize money to POSTECH. Silicon Mitus had successfully developed Korea’s first-ever power management integrated circuit (PMIC), an essential semiconductor used in the next-generation smartphones and displays.

POSTECH officially announced the receipt of the donation on April 20, 2020. The fund will be used for the core projects that POSTECH strategically operates.

Huh won the 2020 POSCO TJ Park Award in technology in recognition as Korea’s top semiconductor expert and for developing the PMIC – an indispensable semiconductor for supplying power in smart devices – for the first time in Korea.

Huh, also serving as a member of POSTECH Foundation’s board of trustees, said, “I donated to POSTECH’s development fund to encourage the school to cultivate future global leaders and to grow into a leading university in science and technology.”

He additionally donated 100 million won to his alma mater, the College of Engineering at Seoul National University, thus donating the entire prize amount to strengthen the competitiveness in the science and technology sector and to nurture future experts in natural sciences and engineering fields.

The TJ Park Awards was established by the POSCO TJ Park Foundation in 2006 to contribute to the national growth by spreading public interest and participation in POSCO’s founding philosophy of creativity, nurturing talent, sacrifice, and philanthropy. The awards are given in four areas of science, education, service, and technology.