The 2018 SES Program Kicks-off

2018-06-12 465

Postechians are off to enjoy the extended three-months-long summer vacation, all ready to immerse themselves throughout society.

In 2016, POSTECH extended the summer vacation period to three months and introduced yet another innovation to the curriculum. A three-month-long summer vacation is quite unusual in Korea’s higher education system as most universities allocate less than 10 weeks for summer recess. POSTECH made the bold move to provide its students with sufficient time and institutional support to pursue their interests in greater depth.

The extended break makes it easier for students to participate in overseas programs, travel, or start their own businesses. It also facilitates students’ career path exploration through internships at global corporations or research institutes through the Summer Experience in Society (SES) program.

SES connects POSTECH students with summer internship opportunities at more than 200 institutions including global corporations, domestic and overseas research institutes, and venture companies. From Samsung, LG, SK Hynix, SAP, and Oracle to the Max Planck Laboratory, Fields Institute, KIST, Genexine, and Lendit, the list of participant goes on. The wide variety of institutions, out of which students can choose to intern with, offers numerous options regardless of whether the students dream to be a researcher, to work for a global business firm, or to become a CEO of their own company. Currently in its third year, the SES program has attracted more than 300 participants annually.

POSTECH anticipates that measures like the extended summer break and SES will drive students to challenge themselves with new tasks to accumulate experience.

“Our students will be living in a society that is far different from the one we are living in. A revolutionary and innovative education will be the key to fostering leaders in the era of changes,” President Doh-Yeon Kim explained. “We hope to give our students the full support they need to acquire a comprehensive skill set befitting future leaders.”